What I do

I write and publish books on obscure automotive topics - the stories you knew of, but about which little was really known. These may be subjects you have searched for on the internet, and when you do find  something - anything - on it, you frequently find that the information has been recycled from what other people have written and that is is often  inaccurate. That's where I come in, trying to dig out the truth behind those stories .

I only publish a few titles, because I want to get them right and that takes time.

Why the name, Earlswood Press?

When I had finished writing Taxi Jubilee, I realised I needed an imprint under which the book could be published, and I needed it quickly. Earlswood is a district very close to where I live, so that's what I chose. 

In that writing and researching process I can offer you, the reader and enthusiast some involvement the development of the books. If you're interested in any of my chosen topics, please contact me, by email or telephone (you can even write me a letter!) and I'll always be happy to discuss any aspect of it. I've learned so much this way and I hope I continue to do so.


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