About Bill Munro and Earlswood Press

I, Bill Munro and am a writer, best known as an authority on the history of the London taxi, the world-famous 'black cab'. I'm also the official historian of LEVC Ltd, the company that makes London's latest electric taxis. I'm also interested in the British coachbuilding industry and I wrote my first book, Carbodies - the Complete Story about the coachbuilding company of that name.

Crowood Press published "Carbodies" in 1998 and then asked me to write a book about the Jeep. During the research for it, I visited a company called Ricardo FFD, which had its roots in Harry Ferguson Research Ltd. HFR developed Ferguson Formula for All-wheel Control and I got hooked on the story. Some twenty years on, I published a new book Traction for Sale about it.

In 2010 I wrote a book about the Austin FX4 taxi and I called it Taxi Jubilee. I decided to self-publish it, but I realised I needed an imprint under which the book could be published. So, I called Earlswood Press, after the area where I live.

Fact Checking for Authors

Are you an author? I can help you fact check details about London Taxis, their drivers or anything about the workings of the trade. Just contact me and I'll be happy to advise you.

Consultancy for Film Television and Radio Work

If you are a commercial film, TV or radio programme maker, I can help you get your details correct. I work on a consultancy basis, but please do not assume that I, as an enthusiast will be happy to work for nothing. I won't. This is my living. For commercial work, such as film or TV consultancy I usually charge a fee, based on a daily or half-day rate. Contact me to see if we can do a deal that suits us both.

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