The number of automotive writers and the topics they cover continue to grow, year on year. Some self-publish, whilst others take the traditional route. What ever route they take, they depend on the work of a huge number of clubs, libraries and museums to help.

Here is list of automotive authors, designers, museum and club libraries and archives and photographic libraries that offer research facilities to the automotive writer, and some organisations involved with  historical research na automotive writing

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Automotive writers

Steve Saxty

Steve Saxty was product designer at Ford in the 1980s and saw many of the exciting cars that were being produced. After Ford, he continued a career in branding and marketing, working for Mazda, Porsche and Jaguar and with Nissan's advertising agency. His first book, The Cars you Always Promised Yourself details the development of the most exciting and iconic Ford cars, including the Capri and the performance Sierras and Escorts

He is now producing a follow-up book, Secret Fords

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Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver has contributed motoring and motor sport-related features, news and reviews to a wide range of magazines and newspapers during the past ten years. His particular interest lies with the Lotus marque and has written features about Lotus 12 Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars from the Type 12 to the Type 72, penned road tests of the Lotus Elise and the Lotus Exige road cars and has written several books on the marque. Click on the image to view his website.


Steve Dine

A South of England coach proprietor, Steve Dine has been fascinated by both road transport and shipping from an early age. As a member of the Renault Owners Club, he became aware of the Renault Dauphines used in the early 1960s by Michael Gotla, the founder of one of London's earliest minicab companies. The result of this fascination is this exhaustively researched book.  Click on the image to visit Steve's website and purchase the book 


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Old Skool Motoring

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Old Skool Motoring is, in the words of its creator," nothing more than a record of some of the fun I have had with cars".

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Historians and Enthusiasts

Park Royal Vehicles

The Park Royal Vehicles website is dedicated to the west London company that built so many of London's buses and much more besides.


Giosuè Giuppone  - Storia dell'asso di Borgosesia 
Giosuè Giuppone - the History of the Ace of Borgosesia

Italian language website, celebrating the life of Giosuè Giuppone, the champion cyclist, motorcyclist and motorist of 1900's Italy, by Davide Grappolo




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