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Earlswood Press is a micropublishing business, run by me, author and publisher Bill Munro. I publish the stories from the motor industry that are 'hidden in plain sight'; the stories you know of, but know little about. 

Titles in publication

Traction for Sale - the Story of Ferguson Formula Four-wheel Drive

Bill Munro and Pat Turner

Four-wheel drive transformed road cars in the nineteen-eighties, adding speed, excitement and above all, safety. Told in great detail,  the tale of The Ferguson Formula, the technology that spearheaded the 4WD revolution.

“stuffed with images that complement a thorough but always readable text ... one surprise after another. An outstanding work” Octane magazine

Taxi Jubilee - Fifty Years of the Austin FX4 London Taxi

Bill Munro

For over fifty years, the FX4 was THE London black cab. This richly illustrated book tells the story of the FX4 over those five decades.

“Brilliant – I sat down to browse through it and read it one go!” - Peter Simpson, Classic Van & Pickup magazine 


Your British Cab Trade Ancestors - a Guide for Family Historians
Bill Munro

When compiling your family tree, it can be frustrating if you come across a trade or profession about which you know nothing. This ebook gives an outline of the history of the cab trade in Britain from Stuart times to the early 1950s. 
Available as a print-on-demand paperback or ebook via Amazon


Titles in progress

Carbodies - the Coventry Coachbuilder

Bill Munro

Originally published in 1998 as Carbodies the Complete Story, this new edition focuses on the pre-war coachbuilding years and the post-war private car conversions. 

A Century of London Taxis: Full Circle

Bill Munro

The story of the London taxi is ongoing. This edition brings the ongoing story of the London taxi to date, to include the new TXE electric taxi. 


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