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Welcome to the Earlswood Press website

Where you can find out about what I, Bill Munro, write about and publish - the previously obscure stories from the automotive world.

And, you can:

  • buy the books I have in print, direct from me though the website - check below for a discount price on Traction for Sale.
  • Contribute to the research I am undertaking for forthcoming titles.
  • Register your interest for the new, enlarged editions of the two books I am currently  - Carbodies the Complete Story and A Century of London Taxis - Full Circle and get a discount on the cover price when they are available for pre-order
  • If you are in the book trade, discover the ways you can buy any of the titles wholesale.

Titles in print

Traction for Sale - the Story of Ferguson Formula Four-wheel Drive

Bill Munro and Pat Turner

Four-wheel drive transformed road cars in the nineteen-eighties, adding speed, excitement and safety. Audi’s rallying success made it the must-have, high-performance technology, distancing hugely it from off-road vehicles and army trucks. But Audi’s quattro system wasn't the first, and by no means the best. Before it came the Ferguson Formula, the dream of racing driver Fred Dixon, to make cars safer on the road through four-wheel-drive. Harry Ferguson, of tractor-making fame, backed the idea and, under the control of Le Mans winner Tony Rolt the talented engineering team built some astonishing cars, sometimes behind the scenes and in secrecy. 

This is the riveting tale of how these men developed the essential technology that underpinned the most memorable cars of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s - the Jensen FF, the Ford Zephyr V6 and Ford Mustang 4x4, the Capri 4x4 and the astonishing Lotus 56 turbine Indy and F1 cars, through to the British Army's top-secret Opel Senators, the iconic Ford RS200 and MG Metro 6R4 and the legendary Sierra XR4x4 and Escort Cosworth Turbo. This book is indispensable reading for all fans of the British motor industry and anyone interested in the 80s-era of 4x4 road and rally cars.

hardback | 298 pages | 275mm x 210mm | full colour, illustrated throughout
Cover price UK £54.99 USA $74.95 | ISBN 9870993101861

Website price 39.99 plus P+P

Three ways to buy -
  • Direct from HERE, this website for great prices AND I will sign and dedicate it for you 
  • Direct from Amazon at cover price (£54.99) and free shipping
  • Your favourite bookshop - give them the title ISBN and this website address and they will do the rest

Taxi Jubilee - Fifty Years of the Austin FX4 London Taxi

Bill Munro

For over fifty years, the FX4 London taxi was as familiar a sight in Britain’s capital city as Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard. This richly illustrated book tells the story of the FX4 over those five decades and also features  technical specifications of every major model.

“Brilliant – I sat down to browse through it and read it one go!”
Peter Simpson, editor, Classic Van & Pickup magazine

paperback | 72 pages | A5 | full colour, illustrated throughout
Cover price UK £7.99 USA $14.95 | ISBN 9870956230805
Website sale price £5.99 + P&P!




London Taxis in Camera - a Story in Pictures, Old and New

Bill Munro

The London taxi, the classic 'black cab' or 'British cab' is recognised world-wide. This full-colour book depicts the wide range of types and makes, from the Edwardian era and before, to the present day, as well as sharing some stories and dispelling a few myths about the London cab trade along the way. 

paperback | 158 pages | 246mm x 189mm | full colour, illustrated throughout
Cover price UK £21.99 USA $29.95 | ISBN 9870993101854
Website sale price £8.99 + P&P!






Titles in progress

I have two titles in progress. The first is a new edition of my first book, Carbodies - the Complete Story. The second is a new book on the history of London taxis, A Century of London Taxis: Full Circle. Both will be full-colour hardbacks. I'll be adding more details about them, including separate pages for each title, as time goes by.



Carbodies: Coachbuilder, Body Maker, Taxi Builder

A new, much enhanced edition of 'Carbodies - the Complete Story', originally published in 1998. Watch this space for more news, or:  

Register your interest on the book's dedicated page and get updates on progress, plus, when the book is approaching the publication date, have the opportunity to pre-order the book at a discount price. (No money required up-front)

A Century of London Taxis: Full Circle

Again, this is the cover of the original edition - watch this space for more news, or:  

Register your interest on the book's dedicated page and get updates on progress, plus, when the book is approaching the publication date, you will be able to pre-order the book at a discount price 




Want to buy, but don't want to pay via PayPal?

If you're a UK resident, contact me and find out how to pay via BACS or good old fashioned cheque.


What's happened to Earlswood Press Biographies?

I ceased commissioning biography titles at the end of 2016 and stopped selling them a year later. Both authors have made their own arrangements in respect of publication of their titles. 

Find Philip Dixon's books at Veloce Publishing and on Amazon
Find Paul Wright's books on Amazon



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