Book Trade Contacts

Earlswood Press currently has two titles in print, Taxi Jubilee and Traction for Sale. If you are in the book trade and wish to purchase either of these titles wholesale, here’s how:

Traction for Sale Cover Image
Traction for Sale

Traction for Sale is a print on demand book, produced by Ingram Content in the UK, the USA and Australia. To order, please contact Ingram for more information.

Earlswood Press can also supply wholesale copies direct. Please see below for how to contact direct and find out more.

Taxi Jubilee cover image
Taxi Jubilee

Stock of Taxi Jubilee is held by the publisher and is available at standard wholesale trade rates. To purchase, please contact Earlswood Press direct (see below), or if you prefer, through Gardners Special Order Service sph@gardners.com


Contact Earlswood Press direct
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