Traction for Sale – the Story of Ferguson Formula Four-wheel Drive

Bill Munro and Pat Turner

Traction for Sale tells the story of Ferguson Formula, the phenomenal technology for all-wheel control. It incorporated four-wheel drive anti-skid brakes more than half century ago. But it took a different company, Audi, with the quattro to make the world sit up and take notice of what full-time four-wheel drive could do. After that, almost every maker wanted to build a car with full-time four-wheel drive and the Ferguson Formula was the only off the shelf solution available. The giants in the field of four-wheel drive – Land Rover, Jeep and eventually Audi took it up.
In Traction for Sale you can read the story of Ferguson Formula four-wheel drive. Discover its application in all automotive fields, from its inception in the late 1930s to 1994, when FF Developments, the company formed in 1971 to develop it was absorbed by Ricardo Plc.

Features include

  • The stories of the three men behind it all - Fred Dixon, Tony Rolt and Harry Ferguson
  • Full development details and technical specifications of all the Research Cars
  • The background story of the Jensen FF
  • Development of the Ford models: Capri, police Zephyr, Sierra, Scorpio and Escort Cosworth 4x4s
  • Ferguson Formula in motor sport, including Formula 1, Indianapolis, Group B and Group A rallying and the British Hill Climb Championship
  • Production vehicles of the 1980s equipped with the Ferguson Formula
  • Lists of all Harry Ferguson Research and FF Developments projects, along with project numbers

Hardback, 298pp | Full colour, illustrated | 276 x 219 x 26mm | 248pp
Cover price £54.99 | ISBN 9780993101861

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