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Makes and models in bold type are those for which I particularly need information


Makes of vehicle fitted with Carbodies coachwork 

Alvis: 10/30, 11/40, 12/50, 12/75, Silver Eagle, Speed 20, TA14
Bean*: 14hp
Bentley*: DHC, 4-seat tourer
Delage*: 4-light saloon
Hillman: 20/70 sports saloon
Hillman Minx: 2-seat sports, 4-seat tourer, 4-light sports saloon, DHC
Hillman Aero Minx: 2-seat sports, Airline saloon, Cresta saloon, 2-seat sports, 4-seat tourer
Humber 14, Snipe: sports saloon
Invicta 4 1/2 litre high and low chassis models: 12/45 & 12/90 models; 2-seat sports, 4-seat tourer, sports saloons, DHC, one-off racing body
Lanchester 40hp*: 14hp DHC
Lea Francis Ace of Spades: 12/40 4-light saloon
MG from 1929 to 1936: 14/28, 14/140, 18/80, 18/100, all Midget, Magna and Magnette models; 4-light saloon, 2-door saloon, 4-seat tourer, 2-seater sports, Salonette, 4-seat tourer, DHC, pillarless saloon, Airline Coupé
Morris: 10/6 'Fairway' FHC (Watson 10/6 Special)
Railton: 4-seat tourer, DHC, sports saloons
Riley: Stelvio 4-light saloon (short production run, taken over from Hancock and Warman)
Rover: Nizam sports, sports saloons, airline sports saloons
Singer 12hp DHC (show car)
Sunbeam: 2-seat racing body
Standard Flying 9 tourer
Rolls-Royce* **; 20/25 6-light saloon, Phantom II 6-light saloon and sports saloon, tourer
• *Bespoke bodies to order from private customers.
• ** Carbodies was not listed as one of Rolls-Royce's approved coachbuilders.

Cars with pressed steel bodies

Lanchester: Leeda; Sprite
Daimler: Majestic, Majestic Major

Makes of vehicle converted to estate cars by Carbodies

Austin: A40 Devon van & Countryman, 
Humber: Hawk and Super Snipe estate
Leyland: 15 and 20 light commercials
Range Rover: 4-door conversion; Unitruck
Rover: SD1 estate car
Singer: Vogue estate
Triumph: 2000/2500/2.5Pi estate

Commercial and military vehicles with coachbuilt or pressed steel bodies

Austin 3-Way van (coachbuilt)
Austin K8 RAF mobile photography laboratory (coachbuilt)
Commer N-Type van (coachbuilt)
Commer TS3 crew cab (pressed steel)
Leyland 15 and 20 vans and pickups (pressed steel)
Morrison Electricar (coachbuilt)
Range Rover Unitruck (pressed steel)
Willys Jeep radio body (coachbuilt)
Trailer caravan for Field Marshall Montgomery (coachbuilt)

Vehicles fitted with steel coupé bodies or converted to coupés from saloon cars

Alvis: TA14 DHC
Austin A40 Somerset drophead coupe
Daimler Conquest Century DHC
Daimler Conquest Century Roadster DHC and FHC
Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zephyr Zodiac Mk1
Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac Mk2
Capri Coupé (2 prototypes)
Cortina MkIV Coupé
Hillman Minx Phase I & II (platform chassis)
Hillman Minx Phase III-V (unit construction)

Taxis built by Carbodies

Austin FX3/FL1
Austin FX4/FL2
FX5 (abandoned project)
CR6 (two abandoned prototypes)
Fairway, Fairway Driver
LTI TX-series

Note: immediately before the TX1 was launched, Manganese Bronze Holdings, Carbodies' owner dropped the trading name Carbodies and stopped using it as their registered manufacturer's name . The TX1, TXII and earlier TX4 models were made under the LTI name. The name London Taxi Company Ltd was adopted part-way through the life of the TX4.

Motorcycle panels and special contracts by Carbodies

Austin J40 pedal car (body pressings only)
Ariel Pixie
Triumph Tigress
Triumph Tina
Washing machine panels

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